Noèlia Hernández Historian and Art Critic on Elisa Begani’s works at L’officina Home Interiors exposing at L’officina,  Locarno

Noèlia Hernández  Historian and Art Critic

Silent state of attention

Elisa Begani pursues the essence of the human being with a look at our inner self revealed in a fragmented way, demanding the viewer a complicit gaze to the uncertainties that we all face in her paintings.

If There is a story, as the title of the exhibition suggests, happens in a place without a clear identity, just like the figures she depicts: anonymous young girls, partially shown with ironic postures in a silent state of attention. Begani’s works are provided with an exceptional expressiveness as well as a chromatic and compositional balance far away from the standards of classical painting.

Her intimate involvement touches the viewer. Her work leads me to a text by the critic and poet Javier Maderuelo: “What moves us in artwork is its capacity to transmit an idea or a feeling of beauty to whoever is viewing it”. We may discover what lies behind the symbols she uses to depict feminine universe. Some of them are part of a long tradition of vanitas paintings, reminders of the transience and fragility of life, youth and beauty though her interpretations are unmistakably singular.

Begani’s paintings incorporates signs and words without this entailing any form of conflict in relation to the different forms of pictorial realization that exist so freely in her paintings. They are a result of a psychological observation rather than a photographic observation.

Noèlia Hernández  Historian and Art Critic